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i made a lot more than icons since the last time i posted, but haven't been around much on LJ =(

if you follow me on other social networks you may have noticed from a few hints i am obsessed now really into the 100 (which is about to start with S3 next thursday) and in particular with abby griffin e marcus kane *-*
i'm also obsessing over tiaras and crowns so there's a lot of that (cause she's a queen anyway)

and here you have 40 new shiny icons! =D

abby griffin:

kabby ♥:

paige turco:

zoe morgan:

personal ones and extras:

(for abiqailqriffin.tumblr)

follow me on tumblr and twitter to stay updated on the madness

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I don't even know the show at all, but the icons are beautiful!

awwww THANKS! =D i love making icons
and check out the100! it's a wonderful show *-*

Yes, I agree with above. Very pretty.

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