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well actually i made these a little while ago but forgot to post in here =P
and since it's mary's b-day i found i could probably share some spice

here is where i keep on with that sexytime nsfw series i started back in february:

and then some

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These are lovely. I like your clean lines a lot.

I was actually looking for the second around here on lj so I could finally tell you how I love love love them both.
I had seen them on tumblr, but they weren't posted around here.
There is so much love in the facial expression. Big compliment on that!
It makes them look very realistic in a way.

awwwww *-* thank you!!! ♥ i wanted to post them together so i waited... and waited... and then forgot XD
i think their love was passionate of course but i see bill adama worship her like a goddess in bed =P ♥

Ooooh very nice and very naughty!!! I love Laura scratching Bill's back in the first one!! Awesome work!! Our Dark Queen would need smelling salts for sure if you sent her these!! ;) Hee hee!!

*giggle* thanks! XD
(our dark queen will be shortly informed of the threats awaiting under the ljcut =P just in case)

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