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yes u.u i finished my xmas project! \o/
so here i present you the last two OTPs featured in the ugly christmas sweater series:

sam and jack (stargate SG1) which is for xfchemist who had a birthday dec 24th

when daniel insisted jack showed up to the SGC xmas party dressed as santa, teal’c knew what sweater to gift samantha carter with

and my very first ship, the ultimate OTP *-* mulder and scully, dedicated to bugsfic for her birthday was dec 31st ♥ and rogersmeed

scully knew that was the only way to get him into the seasonal spirit

hee =D i hope you had as much fun i had drawing these XD ♥

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I love love LOVE both of these! I'd make a heart but I forgot how (which is super sad since you're the one who taught me!). I want christmas cards made out of these!

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asdfghjkl OMG you back!!! *-* ♥ (heart is Alt+3 or &+hearts+; *giggle*) i missed you!!!
and thanks XD that was a nice little project over the season, i should keep making projects for myself as a challenge =D

Not back for good. :(
I renewed my contract but I got 1 month leave to spend with my family. I've been too busy visiting to get on here much but I'm hoping to have better internet this next year and not be so absent!

And yes, you should make more projects for yourself....and for me! because they make me smile :)

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OMGsssss. Love BOTH of these. Mulder & Scully were my first ship too! :D

i think i just saw this comment OMG i'm so sorry! D:
thank you! ♥

I loved this series of drawings. I don't know the first ones but I do know mulder en scully :) they look cute together

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