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put a ring on it
hello hello! six week of ugly christmas sweaters, my my! i've been busy! =P
this time it's all about period couples apparently...

first off: lix/randall from the hour (*-*)

and the story behind this one will always be a mystery: only lix knew the ugly christmas sweater was the result of an ongoing bet randall kept losing year after year *giggle*

then it's obviously THE SEASON since christmas is near and the downton special too *-* so have some carson/hughes ♥

the year the housekeeper knitted a sweater for the butler was a very… hot, hot christmas

=P i love all of my OTPs! ♥

last two will be soon up! stay tuned!

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Awww so cute!! I love the Carson/Hughes!!

LOLOL @ Carson's blush. Adorable.

Have you seen the Christmas special yet???

at least 50 times! XD
LOL thanks! ♥

Yay! I totally thought of you while I was squeeing at "that scene". :D

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