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laaaaaaaaaaaaate birthday chibi and also updates on the ugly christmas sweater project
because yes, i'm late but the ugly xmas sweater series is up on sundays so... here's the latest unfhashionable OTP chibi for nixmom who had a birthday recently =P

i love me some adama/roslin still *-*
let it be known they tamed the evil birds of raptor napping and celebrated with the rest of the family gathering for xmas! … i mean yuletide, no wait solstice!

also the week before that was caryl (as in carol peletier/daryl dixon) from the walking dead which should please alicia as well (i hope anyway)

because: daryl wasn’t impresssed when the only clothes they found in the house to temporarily replace their soaked up ones were ugly christmas sweaters

stay tuned for more OTPs in ugly sweaters! i have more ships than the navy ._.

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OMG!!!!! These please me so!!!!!! Thank you Cami!!!!!! :)

I think daryl and carol are priceless!!!! You are the greatest of greats!!!

they are my OTP because of you! (and because we know how to pick OTPs haa!) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Oh I hadn't seen the walking dead one yet! I ♥ them

(Deleted comment)
XD i am having way too much fun with this series LOL
thanks!!! ♥

Awww...I'm loving this series. The flamingos really made me laugh. I have some tree ornaments that look just like the ones on their sweaters. And I would totally wear a flamingo sweater to x-mas dinner. :)

haa! XD this pleases me so ♥ thanks!

Aaah so cute!! I love the flamingos and the searider flacon book. Also the little details like the pin on Bill's sweater and the little white stars/snowflakes. Oh and their little shimmering mouths. Very pretty!!

Yay for Daryl and Carol! I'm a fan! :D

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